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Should Buying Sex Be Illegal? No.

  Michelle Goldberg published a piece in this last issue of The Guardian called “Should Buying Sex Be Illegal?” Her review of the legal, political and socio-economic structures that govern the sex industry in several European countries (with a particular… Read More ›

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A #BanBossy Lovefest

File this under my new favorite thing: Ban Bossy, a new campaign that encourages girls to become leaders. A project of Lean In and the Girl Scouts, Ban Bossy aims to close the confidence gap in girls, which according to… Read More ›

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Sex Work is Work

I’ve found a pretty divided camp every time I bring up sex work within feminist circles, and I probably bring up sex work more than most. Yesterday (Dec 17) was International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. The day… Read More ›

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Quote of the Day

Measures of gender inequality that rely on income as a proxy for economic empowerment fail to recognize that a woman’s contribution to the household can’t always be measured in monetary terms, and that a woman’s income is meaningless if she… Read More ›

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