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Body image

Spotlight On: Liz DiAlto

Liz DiAlto is a speaker, writer and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a 12 week online experience of self-discovery that combines movement, meditation and mantra. Her mission is to revolutionize the way women move and nourish their bodies and abolish… Read More ›

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Spotlight On: Alexis Wolfer

Alexis Wolfer is a beauty expert and feminist, whose online magazine, TheBeautyBean.com, was named one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 10 websites for women. She is also the author of The Recipe for Radiance, which was released this month. Alexis been featured on E!,… Read More ›

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Links We Love

Nitin Nohria, the dean of Harvard Business School, apologizes to its female faculty, students, and alumnae for making them feel disrespected or excluded. See Yahoo! Shine. Cookie Cott encourages the boycotting of Girl Scout cookies after The Girl Scouts endorsed… Read More ›

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Keep It Real

You’d have to live under a rock to not know that magazines and Photoshop go hand-in-hand. Advertisers constantly alter models’ bodies in some twisted attempt to create the “perfect” woman, or what they believe the “perfect” woman looks like. This… Read More ›

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Happy Love Your Body Day!

Today is national Love Your Body Day. Some may not see the value in selecting a day to celebrate our bodies, but when you consider that 80% of American women are dissatisfied with their appearance, I think it’s a fabulous… Read More ›

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