Family planning

Vote for sherights!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve been nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award in the best blog category for our women’s health advocacy. If you dig our reproductive health coverage and calls to action, please do us a… Read More ›

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Abortion Worldwide

This week, thousands of women’s health and empowerment advocates are in Kuala Lumpur for the Women Deliver 2013 conference. The conference, hailed as the largest global event of its kind this decade, is bringing together policy makers, advocates and researchers… Read More ›

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A Brief History of the Pill

Today’s post comes from Claire Payton, a research assistant at New York University’s Margaret Sanger Papers Project. Of the millions of women who take the pill each day, most think about it only during the second or two it takes… Read More ›

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Letting Women Die?

If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering if somehow you’ve been transported back in time, to when family planning was inaccessible and abortion was illegal. Incredulously, it is 2011 – not 1950 – and here we are, fighting… Read More ›

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WaPo Gets It Right

In her Washington Post article today, “Side Effects of the GOP’s War on Family Planning,” Ruth Marcus hits the nail on the head. Even the first sentence is perfection: House Republicans voted to increase the number of abortions, raise federal… Read More ›

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