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Women in South Sudan are helping to break down gender-stereotypes in the workplace by operating a a car wash. See UN Multimedia. The New York Times shows how Turkish women have been using Twitter to combat sexual harassment. The Nation explores… Read More ›

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Victory! NYC Passes CPC Legislation!

With all the horrible, no good, very bad attempts to erode abortion rights going on, I think it’s important to highlight victories amidst the onslaught. Which brings me to today’s post. Yesterday, New York City’s Council voted overwhelmingly in favor… Read More ›

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Rally For Women’s Health, NYC

I’m very honored to have been a part of today’s Rally for Women’s Health in NYC today. THOUSANDS of New Yorkers rallied in Foley Square to show their support for Planned Parenthood, as did many politicians, women’s organizations, celebrities and… Read More ›

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Justice Served?

In my very first post, Taking Rape Seriously, I reported on the NYC case of Tony Simmons, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting youths under his care as a city employee. Today, he was sentenced. Simmons received 4 years… Read More ›

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