Month: January 2011

sherights’ shereads: Take 2!

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the sherights’ shereads post, including many great suggestions. Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts! Below you’ll find additions to the first shereads list, including a children’s book (this is awesome —… Read More ›

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Links We Love

Read on for stories about mainstream media sexism, child care programs, lenient rape sentences, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion act, and New York’s first Chief Digital Officer — a 27 year old woman! Jezebel, Why Does Charlie Get Sympathy… Read More ›

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Spotlight On: Noir A-Go Go

Part of being a feminist means shining a spotlight on pro-women business endeavors. I’ve already highlighted pro-choice conglomerates, so now it’s time to feature a smaller, woman-owned-and-created venture: Noir A-Go Go. K.C. Washington, the genius behind Noir A-Go Go, was… Read More ›

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Online Activism – Check!

I woke up this morning to a wonderful, beautiful thing: hundreds, if not thousands, of people are participating in a Twitter campaign targeting John Boehner regarding his new rape definitions. If you are on Twitter, please join the conversation to… Read More ›

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Support Pro-Choice Businesses!

I try my best to be a fiscally responsible feminist, which means supporting businesses that support pro-women efforts. However, knowing what  issues conglomerates lend financial support to can be a tricky guessing game. But guess no longer! TrustWomen has provided… Read More ›

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