Month: March 2011

Back Up Your Birth Control!

Happy Back Up Your Birth Control day of action!! Today marks the 10th anniversary of the campaign, which aims to raise awareness of and expand access to Emergency Contraception (EC). Before I began expounding on why you should back up… Read More ›

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Wal-Mart v. Women

One of the ways I try to be a good feminist is to put my money where my ever-blabbing mouth is. This means no shopping at Wal-Mart, amongst other places. Yes, I love a good deal as much as the… Read More ›

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Links We Love

Happy reading… She Ended the Men’s Club of National Politics, New York Times Women Seeking Abortions in South Dakota to Get Anti-Abortion Advice, New York Times Period Dolls and Other Educational Toys We’d Like to See, Jezebel Colleges’ Rape Secret,… Read More ›

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Victory! NYC Passes CPC Legislation!

With all the horrible, no good, very bad attempts to erode abortion rights going on, I think it’s important to highlight victories amidst the onslaught. Which brings me to today’s post. Yesterday, New York City’s Council voted overwhelmingly in favor… Read More ›

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