Month: June 2012

Keep It Real

You’d have to live under a rock to not know that magazines and Photoshop go hand-in-hand. Advertisers constantly alter models’ bodies in some twisted attempt to create the “perfect” woman, or what they believe the “perfect” woman looks like. This… Read More ›

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On (Not) Having it All

Last night, I joined the masses of people reading (and tweeting and Facebooking about) Ann-Marie Slaughter’s essay for The Atlantic, Why Women Still Can’t Have It All and am so thankful I chose to spend my Saturday night doing so…. Read More ›

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Links We Love

Michigan’s Surprise Anti-Abortion Blitz, Ms. Magazine blog The War on Contraception: It’s Time to Take Sides, Huffington Post GOP Representative Announces Plans for D.C. Parental Consent Law, Women’s eNews Three Years Later: More of the Same?, Feminists for Choice Abortion… Read More ›

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