United States House of Representatives

HR3 Up For Vote Tomorrow

I know, it feels like a nightmare replaying over and over again. HR3, one of the most anti-woman pieces of legislation in Congress right now, is up for a vote tomorrow. As a refresher, here’s HR3 in a nutshell: It… Read More ›

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Rally For Women’s Health, NYC

I’m very honored to have been a part of today’s Rally for Women’s Health in NYC today. THOUSANDS of New Yorkers rallied in Foley Square to show their support for Planned Parenthood, as did many politicians, women’s organizations, celebrities and… Read More ›

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A Quick HR358 Primer

I just received the following action alert from NOW-NYC about HR358 and had to share. Check back soon for my recap on the HR358 hearing, currently underway in the House’s Energy & Commerce health subcommittee.  The bill: “Protect Life” Act… Read More ›

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