Sherights is going on a hiatus

Dear sherights community, It’s with heavy—yet hopeful—hearts that we write this. The editorial team at sherights has decided to take a hiatus for the first half of 2017 in order to focus our efforts on anti-Trump, pro-equality activism. From participating… Read More ›

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  • Spotlight On: Lexie Kite


    Your body is far more important and powerful as an instrument for your use than it is as an ornament to admire.

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  • We Testify: Shattering Stigma With Abortion Storytelling


    I had an abortion. Rarely have words packed a more powerful punch. 

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  • Not Exactly Love


    That night I memorized the police phone number and promised myself I would call again if I needed to. I could not have imagined then how little protection from them a woman like me had.

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  • Spotlight On: Anushay Hossain


    Allow us to introduce you to the ever-lovely Anushay Hossain, Bangladeshi journalist and media personality based in Washington, DC., and founder of

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  • Take Action: Support Victims of Wartime Rape


    Rape during warfare is routinely used to terrorize women and girls around the world. When victims fall pregnant—which, despite Todd Akin’s insistence that rape doesn’t result in pregnancy, it does—they deserve and are entitled to comprehensive healthcare, including abortion. However, because the… Read More ›

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  • Is This The Way to Equal Representation in Business?

    Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 4.43.11 PM

    More can and must be done to achieve gender parity at the executive level, and the biggest companies can help accelerate our cause.

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  • Links We Love


    Ghazala Khan, mother of a fallen soldier, pens a powerful response to Trump’s criticism of her not speaking at the DNC. See the Washington Post. Muslim-American women across the country respond to Trump’s insinuation that Muslim women aren’t “allowed” to speak with… Read More ›

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  • 4 Ways Male Allies Can Support Victims of Street Harassment (Plus 5 Things NOT to Do)


    Nothing is more disappointing and hurtful than realizing people you love, care, and respect for, are actually not the allies you thought they were.

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  • #BlackLivesMatter – Solidarity Through Action


    With hope that these tragedies propel you into action rather than paralyze you, I share these resources with the goal of dismantling racial oppression in all its forms.

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