What is your comment policy?

We encourage everyone to join our community and comment on our blog content, as well as Facebook posts and tweets. This includes people who don’t necessarily share our pro-woman, pro-choice points of view. However, hateful comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Keep it up, and you’ll be blocked. Hey, it’s our site, we can do what we want.

Do you accept guest posts?

Absolutely. Please check out our guidelines.

I would like to suggest someone for your Spotlight On series. How do I do that?

Email editor@sherights.com with the person’s name, organization or affiliation and contact information.

Can I cross-post original sherights content?

Sure! Please just email us (editor@sherights.com) for permission first. And of course, give credit where it’s due.

Do you pay contributors or guest bloggers?

We wish we could! But sherights is in no position to financially compensate our writers.

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