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922739_10201327261406188_1341526052_nMaureen Shaw, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

An unapologetic feminist and human rights enthusiast, Maureen has dedicated the better part of the past decade to volunteering and working with NGOs and non-profits, and writing about feminist and human rights issues. In addition to sherights, her work has been featured on The Huffington Post,, Mic.comWomen Under SiegeFeministing, Jezebel, Fem2.0 and more. She is a huge fan of snark, all things chocolate and traveling. You can follow Maureen on Twitter at @MaureenShaw.

LMF Photo Nov 2013Lindsay Menard-Freeman, Senior Editor

By day, Lindsay is an irreverent feminist, youth activist and advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. By night, she is a fierce knitter, blogger and Pinterest addict. Lindsay’s work has taken her all over the world — from Ethiopia to India, South Africa, Mali, Mexico, Canada, China, Austria, Malaysia, Bali and Thailand — exposing her to varying realities of women’s experiences on the ground. Catch her on Twitter at @lindsmf.

AMBERRRRRRRAmber Galeo, Editor

Amber is a feminist writer, educator, and activist based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds an MA in Human Rights and an MFA in Creative Writing, both from Columbia University, where she received the Ruth Bennett Prize in Poetry and a Philip Guston Fellowship. She has worked in development for the Women’s League for Peace and Freedom, The Academy of American Poets, The LGBT Center of New York City, and the Audre Lorde Project. She is a fan of rescue pit bulls, intersectionality, and lemon seltzer.

1528557_10152089569027559_10984226_nKate Byard, Contributor

Kate is a feminist writer and poet from Oxford, UK, currently in between an Undergraduate Degree in Literature and Masters Degree focusing on representations of sex and gender within 20th and 21st century literature. She is using her research time to also run sexual consent workshops with young people in schools, campaign for abortion rights, disability rights, and racial equality, protest against ecocide, and smash the patriarchy. Follow @katebyard for a tweet by tweet account of her progress.

Ashley Gray HeadshotAshley Gray, Contributor

Ashley Gray is a dogless dog lover living in New York City who works for Lady Parts Justice, a nonprofit that uses humor and pop culture to advocate for reproductive rights. In 2013, Ashley co-founded a volunteer clinic escort program in Northern New Jersey that was instrumental in getting a local buffer zone passed to minimize the harassment of clinic patients and staff. In her down time, Ashley can usually be found eating spicy foods and counting down the days until Shark Week.

1231116_10153278914385613_2125338215_nAnna Blitstein, Social Media Associate

As a Women and Gender Studies major at Washington University in St. Louis, Anna has developed a passion for feminism and has focused on abortion rights, emotional labor, women in the media, and women in the workplace.  In her limited but spare time, she enjoys reading, eating cupcakes, and listening to Beyoncé (another feminist like herself).

LisaLisa Slivken, Intern

Lisa brought her passion for gender equality from her hometown of NYC to the coast of Maine, where she studies Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Bates College. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, exploring the world of breakfast sandwiches, and analyzing song lyrics while jamming out.

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