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We are always looking for opportunities to amplify pro-woman voices and deepen our intersectional approach to feminism. This includes single submission guest posts as well as committed contributors interested in joining our team.

Specifically, we want writers who have a passion for and issue expertise in the following areas: reproductive rights, the rule of law and women’s human rights, violence against women (domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking), economic empowerment, gender, pop culture and LGBT rights.

Please review our existing content to understand what we are looking for in terms of writing style.


  • Posts are usually 500-800 words
  • Our content typically falls into four categories: Breaking news, Analysis of trends/news, Personal stories and Interviews
  • Multimedia (photos, GIFs, video) must be included with each piece
  • All submissions are subject to edits prior to publication

Still want to write for us? Please email with a story idea and links to at least 2-3 writing samples.


Cross-Post Our Content

We encourage other progressive sites and organizations to cross-post sherights content. But before you do, please review our cross-posting guidelines:

  • Obtain our permission first by emailing
  • Wait at least one day after original publication to post to your site
  • At the top of the article, please include the following sentence: “Originally published on sherights. Republished with permission.” Ensure that “sherights” is hyperlinked to the original article.
  • Include our author’s bio at the end of the article
  • Email us the link ( once it’s live


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