Breaking News: Women Still Underpaid

The headline is obviously dripping with snark. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has again confirmed what we already know: men make more than women in virtually everything.

Jezebel breaks it down for us:

In terms of dollars, the gap is largest for the highest-paid workers – $330 – and smallest for those in sales/office, at $130. By percent, it’s worst for service (women make 72% as much as men in that sector) and again smallest for sales/office (women make 82% as much as men in that area).

And if we extrapolate this out, it adds up to a significant difference in annual earnings. If these income levels persisted for, say, 50 weeks, men in management would make $16,500 more than women; in sales, they’d make $6,500 more.

The full BLS report is available here. In addition to analyzing earnings by gender, it also disaggregates data by race. Not surprisingly, even though women as a whole get screwed with this whole pay thing, white women earn more than women of color. In descending order, it goes like this:

White women > Asian women > African American women > Hispanic women

Sigh. So how about enacting that little piece of legislation known as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act?! 

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