Reality TV: Brides Can Only Be Happy If Thin

So I just learned of a new “reality” TV show, Shedding For The Wedding. And even though I’ve yet to see an episode (and doubt that I ever will), I have a real problem with its premise.

It’s pretty much The Biggest Loser meets one of the zillion wedding reality shows clogging TV land. And while I’m all in favor of living a health-focused lifestyle, I am NOT in favor of perpetuating the sick notion that a bride can only enjoy her wedding if she is thin. And not just thin, but mainstream media thin.

As a newlywed myself, I battled with this idea for months leading up to my wedding. I exercised and dieted and obsessed over whether or not I would display unseemly back-fat in my strapless gown. Literally, obsessed. Me, a sane woman with good self-esteem. Imagine the brides who don’t have good self-esteem or a positive support network to reassure her that she’s beautiful?

Why is it that media and reality TV execs think it’s appropriate to push the seemingly omnipresent “thin means happy” message — in general, but in particular on brides, who typically are very stressed out and vulnerable?

And do NOT even get me started on Bridalplasty. That is one big ball of sad/pathetic/ridiculous rolled into 60 minutes.

All of this is such bullshit. Weddings are about celebrating LOVE, not about backfat or weighing 132 pounds. No matter what size you are, you will be a beautiful bride. Dress size should never be the determining factor of  your “dream” wedding.

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