Breaking: Paycheck Fairness Act Fails

In today’s “oh for fuck’s sake!” news, the GOP has blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act in a 52-47 vote, further igniting its war on women and families. The GOP claimed the bill was a war on free enterprise, when in fact it would have drastically leveled the playing field for women in the workforce and helped struggling families.

In short, the Paycheck Fairness Act would have barred employers from retaliating against workers who shared information on wages, and women would not only be able to seek back pay but could also seek punitive damages for pay discrimination.

Despite what these white-collar GOPers think, pay equity matters. Big time. It’s not about free enterprise or about whiny feminists. As Senator Barbara Mikulski pointed out in yesterday’s Huffington Post op-ed, the wage gap has real, significant consequences — not just for women, but for families:

Think of a college graduate who starts working at 22 and works until they are 62. By the time they retire, there will be a $434,000 income gap. This is about supporting women, men and their families. The wage gap makes it harder for working moms to provide for their families, makes it more difficult to own a home and means there will be less in Social Security and retirement savings. This is the true cost of being a woman.

For a party that claims to be all about family values, the GOP seems hell-bent on undermining the family unit.

Want to know how your Senator voted? Check out the roll-call here. And as always, be sure to express your outrage, or thanks, accordingly.

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