Vermont Turns Up the Prochoice Pressure

Vermont is setting an example for pro-choice advocates across the country. Politicians in the green mountain state have introduced a bill to protect a woman’s right to abortion.

As the state’s statuses currently stand, performing abortion or advertising about abortion services is criminalized. Bill S315 would officially repeal these old laws — even though they are technically unenforceable because they pre-date Roe v. Wade — and affirm a woman’s right to abortion.

New York is also considering similar legislation, with Governor Cuomo reiterating his support yesterday for the Women’s Equality Act.

In the face of non-stop anti-choice attacks, this is a breath of fresh air. Pro-choice activists, legislators, and healthcare providers have been on the defensive for entirely too long. It’s time to play offense and assert women’s right to safe abortion care — not just on the books, but in reality. Because a right does not exist if one can’t access it.

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