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John is a NYC-based writer, anthropologist, and baker. He has lived and worked in Morocco, Turkey and the UK. He works in reproductive rights and volunteers with Canimiz Sokakta and the Rules. When he's not writing about feminism, he writes fiction and long essays about North African Politics. Tweet him at @jamccarroll.

  • An Open Letter to Humanists

    Hey Bro How about that sharing economy, amirite? Bitcoins; Uber; media disruption – all totally rad. *High five* It’s cool that we’re coming from the same space, you know? However, I sort of wanted to talk to you about, well,… Read More ›

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  • Making Room for Feminist Reform: Domestic vs. Global Activism

    In the comments of  nearly every big story about feminism in the United states, you’re almost guaranteed to read something to the effect of, “Why are you feminazis wasting so much effort on Hobby Lobby? Haven’t you heard of MANDATORY… Read More ›

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  • Calling Out Misogyny For What It Is

    The killings last week in La Isla, California, in which four men and two women were killed by the scion of a wealthy Hollywood family, cannot be ignored or explained away.  With an eye to posterity and potential infamy, the… Read More ›

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  • The Language of Dude Feminism

    The sort of language used to assert men’s dominance over women has a pretty recognizable pattern across the cultural landscape. Men, we are told, are in charge of things because they have something women (supposedly) lack: physical strength, honor, higher… Read More ›

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