Delving into Rape Culture

Last night I attended NOW-NYC’s event, “She Asked For It: How Rape Myths Hurt Us All.” It was an interactive panel featuring author Helen Benedict, forensic nurse Karen Carroll (who also testified in the NYPD rape cop case), The Line… Read More ›

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“Breast Ironing” in Cameroon

I had the honor of attending today’s CEDAW discussion on women in conflict & post-conflict situations. The room was packed with both UN experts and NGO representatives to kick off the Committee’s process of developing a general recommendation on the… Read More ›

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Wartime Rape: A Primer

The news of Libya’s Gadhafi giving his soldiers Viagra to perpetrate rape as a weapon of war may seem shocking to some. It’s hard to conceptualize such brutality and even harder when news of it seems to come out of… Read More ›

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