Manhattan D.A. Lets Child Rapist Cop a Plea Deal

One of these days, I’m going to stop reading the news. Everything I read as of late infuriates me, including yesterday’s news that former sportscaster Marvell Scott will only serve 20 days of community service for what the NY Post calls a “sickening child prostitution rap.”

In a nutshell, Scott was offered and took a plea deal in which he admitted only to endangering the welfare of a child — a misdemeanor — for raping a 14 year old girl who had been forcefully prostituted. The details are as follows (please note the bolded parts):

Court papers painted a vividly sick scenario in which the girl and her 16-year-old friend — both runaways from Albany — were being pimped by a second man, a stranger who took advantage of them because they’d run out of money in Times Square and were desperate.

The hallway surveillance video shows Scott taking the younger girl up to his W. 47th Street apartment. When the terrified child refused to have sex with him, he returned her downstairs to the pimp and demanded his money back, prosecutors charged.

But the older teen talked the kid into it. Surveillance video next showed both girls going upstairs with Scott, prosecutors said.

“Defendant had sexual intercourse with the 14-year-old complainant on the bed in his bedroom while the older teen stood looking out the window in the same room,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel wrote in a June 20 decision that referred to the prosecution allegations.

“Just a little more; just a little more,” the girl said Scott kept repeating as the kid cried, court papers say.

This crime is disturbing in and of itself. But what is MORE disturbing is the fact that the Manhattan D.A.’s office found it appropriate to offer Scott a plea deal, despite the girl’s testimony and evidence. Why were the original charges of statutory rape and patronizing a prostitute not prosecuted? What does that say about how D.A. Cyrus Vance prioritizes protecting the women and girls of NYC?

My guess is that justice for victimized women and girls falls low on the priority list. This case, on the heels of the NYPD rape cops and Tony Simmons cases, paints a bleak picture. And these are the cases that have gotten media attention…. imagine the hundreds, if not thousands, of cases deemed unworthy of press attention that are languishing or are flat-out dismissed by the D.A.

If you’re as infuriated as I am, take action! Contact the D.A.’s office and let Cy Vance know this is unacceptable. Better yet, take your lunch break and go down to Marvell Scott’s office and protest the scumbag himself! He practices sports medicine at Performance Health on East 60th Street.


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  1. Great piece, Maureen. Just as pissed as you. Is there no end!

  2. that action is good and all but that would be wasting our time and energy on the least important things in this scenario. The most important thing is the welfare of the child, the victim. Where is the girl now? and what is being done to pull her out of the slavery she is caught in?

  3. My husband was just telling me about this tonight. From what he said this man was a former newscaster and now a doctor. How horrible that a man who is a doctor would do something like this to a child. Bad enough that anyone would do this but a DOCTOR???? Aren’t they sworn to cause no harm? To help and heal? He should lose his medical license and be locked away for life!!

    I stopped reading the news long ago because it really depresses me and puts me in fear for my own child’s future.

    Lucky Star


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