International Criminal Court

Will Survivors of Sexualized Violence in Kenya See Justice?

News out of the International Criminal Court does not bode well for Kenyans seeking justice six years after the country’s violent post-election crisis. Sitting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trial for crimes against humanity was set to begin February 5, but has been delayed at the prosecution’s request… Read More ›

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Wartime Rape: A Primer

The news of Libya’s Gadhafi giving his soldiers Viagra to perpetrate rape as a weapon of war may seem shocking to some. It’s hard to conceptualize such brutality and even harder when news of it seems to come out of… Read More ›

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Women Around the Globe: News Roundup

Following are links to news stories concerning women internationally. Happy reading! A female political campaign official goes missing in Uganda, reportedly kidnapped by persons dressed in military uniforms. See Daily Monitor. Rwandan rebel leader accused of ordering his soldiers to… Read More ›

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