Abortion News Roundup

When I started sherights, I had no intention of making abortion the central issue of this site.  But these damn anti-choicers have left me no other choice (pun intended). There’s just too much anti-abortion news for me to individually cover today, so here is a good round-up:

H.R. 358 is Part of House Republican Leadership War on Contraception, RH Reality Check

Action Alert: Kansas H.B. 2035, Trust Women

MoveOn Moves Into the Abortion Battle, Ms. Magazine

Huckabee Puts Abortion Front and Center in 2012 GOP Presidential Primary, TPM

IA House Subcommittee Passes Anti-Abortion Bill, Feminist Daily News

Mike Huckabee Compares Abortion to Slavery, Huffington Post

Ohio Republicans Seek to Outlaw Abortion After 6 Weeks, Feminists for Choice

It’s All About JOBS, Stupid! Not My Uterus!, Smart As A Fox


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