Wartime Rape: A Primer

The news of Libya’s Gadhafi giving his soldiers Viagra to perpetrate rape as a weapon of war may seem shocking to some. It’s hard to conceptualize such brutality and even harder when news of it seems to come out of… Read More ›

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Women Around the Globe: News Round Up

Egypt’s provisional military government is causing consternation in light of stories of 18 women who were stripped, beaten and administered “virginity tests” during a protest in Cairo. See Women’s eNews. Lynsey Addario, newly released from captivity in Libya, explains why… Read More ›

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Libyan Rape Victim Silenced

My stomach is churning from the latest news out of Libya. According to the New York Times, a woman who tried to report being gang raped by 15 members of Qaddafi’s militia was dragged away screaming: A Libyan woman burst… Read More ›

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