Spotlight On: Emily Lindin

Emily Lindin is the founder of the UnSlut Project, which was inspired by her own experience. When she was eleven years old, she was branded a “slut” by her classmates and was bullied at school, after school, and online. During all this, she kept… Read More ›

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Links We Love

The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a 20-week abortion ban. See RH Reality Check. According to Melissa Kearney and Phillip B. Levine’s research, in regions with many viewers of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” the number of teenage births has… Read More ›

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Is Porn Just a Pawn?

Oh porn, the bane of feminist existence, the ultimate conundrum. Is it the liberation of female sexuality or the systematic rape of women? It seems as if the opposing sides were far from settling on an agreement last weekend as… Read More ›

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