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The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a 20-week abortion ban. See RH Reality Check.

According to Melissa Kearney and Phillip B. Levine’s research, in regions with many viewers of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” the number of teenage births has declined. See the New York Times.

New York Magazine analyzes the process of how original feminist debates can get lost in translation through the coverage of the news outlets and social media.

The Puerto Rican government removed the Dentye Ice ads on public transportation after people deemed the ads sexist. See the Huffington Post.

Huffington Post article proposes ideas for how Sheryl Sandberg should publicly advocate to raise the minimum wage.

The Washington University School of Medicine proves that access to free birth control does not promote risky sexual behavior in women. See the Record.

Former President Jimmy Carter discusses the subjugation of women in cultures around the world in his new book A Call to Action. See NPR and the Huffington Post.

An Alaskan State Senator encourages the presence of state-funded pregnancy tests in bars and restaurants so that women can find out if they are pregnant before drinking. See the Huffington Post.

Even as the toy industry associates girls with the color pink, toy makers are starting to market a more aggressive line of play, such as weaponry for girls. See the New York Times.

In her article in the Huffington Post, Representative Jackie Speier of California opposes Minnesota State Representative Andrea Kieffer’s statement that women demanding equal pay are ‘whiners.’

New York Health officials believe that Grindr is somewhat responsible for the increase in the number of syphilis cases. See RH Reality Check.

A writer for the Huffington Post explains the comments she wishes she said after experiencing sexual harassment.

The New York Times describes the scientific quest to prove that bisexuality exists.

Hawaii House lawmakers have voted to allow police to have sex with prostitutes. See RH Reality Check.

A new law in Mozambique maintains the impunity of rapists if they marry their victims. See Trust.

The Wall Street Journal portrays the realities of marriage for Indian women.

Ohio’s harsh abortion laws have prompted women to access abortions in other states. See Think Progress.

Georgia lawmakers passed a ban on insurance coverage of abortions. See RH Reality Check.

Jezebel details the new lawsuit regarding a Muslim woman who was kicked out of Planet Fitness for wearing a head scarf.

The New York Times describes how the Hobby Lobby case could raise issues beyond contraception.

RH Reality Check underscores why contraception is essential.

The New Yorker highlights the role of three female Supreme Court justices in the Hobby Lobby case.

RH Reality Check demonstrates how the fight for same-sex marriage is just as important as the fight for same-sex divorce.

Middle-school girls and their parents protest the sexist dress code in Illinois that views girls’ clothing as ‘too distracting’ for their male peers. See Think Progress.

Clutch Magazine insists that dismissing rape culture as hysteria is wrong and dangerous.

A bill in Massachusetts could ban sex during the divorce process. See the Huffington Post.

A federal court of appeals has agreed to allow Kansas to defund Planned Parenthood. See Slate and Think Progress.

PolicyMic emphasizes that pro-choice supporters are actually declaring their support for safe and accessible abortion care when they wear a coat hanger pendant.

To celebrate Gloria Steinem’s 80th birthday, the Huffington Post lists the 21 ways in which she has taught us to be better women.

AAUW explains how LGBT rights and women’s rights are intertwined.

An elementary school in Virginia tells an 8-year old girl that she is not girly enough. See Buzzfeed.

Upworthy teaches female genital mutilation through cupcake decorations.

The New York Times offers some strategies for how women should approach negotiating raises.

Capital New York describes how Jezebel criticized the New York State Education Department for a proposed history curriculum that only mentioned one woman.

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