No Big Surprises Here

If you think that a woman’s right to choose is safely secure, think again.

The New York Times today reports on various anti-abortion measures underway in state legislatures.

Here are some highlights:

Republicans in Congress hope to strengthen measures to prevent even indirect public financing of abortions, but laws in the states have the greatest impact on access to them. Abortion opponents have been emboldened by major changes in the political landscape, with conservative Republicans making large gains.

The biggest shift is in the state capitols, with 29 governors now considered to be solidly anti-abortion, compared with 21 last year

In 15 states, compared with 10 last year, both the legislature and the governor are anti-abortion…those joining this category include larger states like Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as Georgia and Oklahoma. Maine and Pennsylvania are now strongly anti-abortion as well, if not quite as solidly.

The article goes on to outline the top priorities of anti-choice legislatures, such as banning abortions earlier in pregnancy (Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Nebraska, among other states), pressing women to view ultrasounds (Indiana, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming), and banning any abortion coverage by insurance companies.

So what does all this mean? It’s time to put our boxing gloves on, pro-choicers. Not that we ever really took them off…but it’s going to be a tough road ahead! We can’t rest on our laurels.

Courtesy of NARAL Pro-Choice America

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