All Women Candidates are NOT Equal

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how excited I was that a woman was running for both president AND vice president during the 2008 elections, I would be rich. Yes, I am a feminist and yes, I believe more women should be in power. But not just ANY women. The RIGHT women.

Do I believe Hillary Clinton is an example of the right woman? Absolutely. Sarah Palin? Not so much. So you can imagine my relief when McCain/Palin were defeated. And then, BAM!, before I knew it, Palin’s back in the picture but she’s not alone. She is accompanied by the likes of Michele Bachman and that nutbar Christine O’Donnell.

Sure, Sarah Palin is pretty and full of spunk. But when she and her compadres denounce feminism and all that it stands for, I want to projectile vomit. Where would Palin, Bachman and O’Donnell (and the many more like them) be if it weren’t for feminism? They sure as hell wouldn’t be allowed to hold political office or appear on television or at high-profile conventions.

The bottom line: having a vagina does not make me — or other feminists — want to support these women. So PLEASE don’t ask me how proud I am to see so many “chicks” running for office. I am proud when pro-women feminists (but I repeat myself) run for office, not the likes of Palin and Bachman.  I want my female politicians to push forward equality, like fair pay and the ERA, not extreme anti-choice agendas and expanded gun rights.

Be sure to check out Jezebel’s recent piece on Michele Bachman, who is running for president in 2012 (cue my heartburn and nausea).


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