Not ‘Fit’ Enough? Prepare for a Pay Cut.

We all know that American culture is obsessed with fit men and skinny women. But how far into our everyday lives does that obsession seep? As it turns out, right into our bank accounts.

The Washington Post reports on a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, which found that both men’s and women’s pay is affected by how many pounds they’re packing:

The study found that thin women are paid significantly more than their average-size counterparts, while heavier women make less. Skinnier-than-average men, on the other hand, cash smaller paychecks than their average-weight peers.

In general…people have subconscious reactions to different body types. For a man, skinny says less-than-manly, clashing with our vision of a leader: tall, strong and emotionally unmoved. For women, an ultra-thin figure simply says success and makes for an attractive corporate image…

Being thin paid off in a big way for women, earning them about $16,000 more a year, on average. But thin men made about $8,000 less than their male co-workers.

The researchers, Timothy Judge and Daniel Cable, say that much of the problem is the result of subconscious decisions based on entrenched social stereotypes.

Geez, whatever happened to being judged by — and paid according to — your merits?!

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