House Advances Anti-Woman Agenda: HR3 Heads for Full Vote

Today, the House Judiciary Committee celebrated Women’s History Month by passing the vile piece of legislation known as HR3 out of committee. It will now proceed to the House for a full vote.

According to Talking Points Memo, 22 Republicans and one Democrat (Puerto Rico Del. Pedro Pierluisi) voted to approve HR3 in committee.

In case you aren’t familiar with the naming of legislation, HR3 literally means this is the third piece of legislation the Republican House has taken up. Call me crazy, but shouldn’t JOBS and the ECONOMY be in the top 3? And correct me if I’m wrong, but there aren’t any job openings in my uterus…so why do Republicans have to get all up in it?

In the event that you’ve forgotten all that HR3 encompasses, let’s refresh:

  • It manipulates the tax code to push forward an anti-choice — and anti-woman — agenda
  • It would make it virtually impossible for private insurance companies that participate in the new health system to offer abortion coverage to women
  • It denies pregnant women access to life-saving procedures via expanded conscience clauses

This bill is downright dangerous, especially when combined with its counterparts, HR358 and the recently passed Pence Bill (to de-fund Planned Parenthood).

Rep. John Conyers (D – Mich.) put it perfectly:

this bill seeks to expand restrictions in current law and to impose an unprecedented penalty — by use of the tax code — on privately funded healthcare choices made by women and their families. Its goal — and effect, if ever enacted — is to make abortion and coverage for abortion services completely unavailable.

What a way to honor women and all of our collective achievements! The very achievements that, incidentally, would not be possible without the opportunity to control our fertility. Just saying.


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  1. “there aren’t any job openings in my uterus” – I think you just wrote my next protest sign!
    Cheers to you sherights!

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