Victory! NYC Passes CPC Legislation!

New York City Council

With all the horrible, no good, very bad attempts to erode abortion rights going on, I think it’s important to highlight victories amidst the onslaught. Which brings me to today’s post.

Yesterday, New York City’s Council voted overwhelmingly in favor of regulating those pesky CPCs I’ve talked about. From now on, CPCs in NYC will be held accountable for disclosing whether or not they have a licensed medical professional on staff and if they refer women to other services (i.e., emergency contraception, abortion).

With all the lies and propaganda flying at us from every angle about abortion and women’s healthcare, this is a very welcome piece of legislation. I applaud the city council’s Chris Quinn and mayor Michael Bloomberg, who very vocally and adamantly supported this bill, and am proud that NYC remains a beacon of hope for women facing difficult decisions.

So Cheers! Way to stand up for women, NYC!


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