V-Day: Day of Action for Birth Control

While President Obama stood strong for women last week by requiring all insurers to cover birth control, the onslaught against contraception is far from over. Several Conservative members of Congress want to eliminate coverage for birth control entirely.  As Think Progress reports, anti-choice Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) is at the helm, introducing an extremist bill that would grant insurers the right to deny you coverage for ANY health service it deems immoral.

In response, NOW-NYC has called for a Day of Action for birth control on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Here’s what you can (and should!) do:

  • Change your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to the “iheartbc” logo (featured in this post)
  • Tweet and post about why you love and need birth control using #iheartbc
  • Send some love to HHS’s Kathleen Sebelius (Kathleen.Sebelius@hhs.gov), who is being brought before Congress to defend birth control

99% of women use contraception. Don’t let the conservative, male-dominated 1% dominate the conversation — take action! Let’s show our solidarity with birth control!

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