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The New York Times talks about how we have been mishandling rape on college campuses.

There is special treatment for the Miami Dolphins’ defensive end by law enforcement but a domestic abuse victim is stuck in a bind. See The New York Times.

While criminal law says that minors cannot give consent, in some courtrooms, attorneys beg to differ. See NPR.

The Catholic Church claims that it is against there religious liberty rights to go to court if they are accused of discrimination. See Feministing.

The New York Times features four chief executive women who describe the importance of taking a stand and owning one’s voice.

Use this map to view each states job discrimination laws. See Upworthy.

BuzzFeed lists 17 times that cartoons encouraged you to be a feminist.

Darren Wilson supporters fund a “Pants Up, Don’t Loot” billboard in response to the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” African American movement. See Fortress America.

The White House’s campaign against college sexual assault launched a “Week of Action” on campuses nationwide on Monday. See the Huffington Post.

OkCupid is making it easier for LBGTQ to find love by adding more gender and sexuality options. See Mic.

Mic highlights how the most powerful lessons about sex comes from the women who are not having it.

Mic illustrates what happens when $1 birth control is distributed in developing countries.

While Jamaica Reviews Its Homosexuality Ban, a Top Newspaper Is Waging an Anti-Gay Campaign. See Vice News.

Hilary Swank speaks out about how she is sick and tired of being paid so much less than men. See Jezebel.

Red states are already preparing new abortion restrictions for 2015. See ThinkProgress.

Mic lists 11 must-see #MyDressMyChoice Tweets.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes a letter to abortion foes suggesting that they should stand up for other solutions.

Nancy Pelosi talks sexism and about the unequal way the press treats women in U.S. politics. See Girl Talk HQ.

TIME magazine apologizes for including “Feminist” on its annual word banishment poll. See Jezebel.

Hilary Swank and Natalie Dormer talk girl power, feminism, and the gender pay gap. See Indiewire.

Visit We Believe to sign this petition to encourage Congress to pass the International Violence Against Women Act.

A woman is stripped in public and sparks Kenyans to protest in defense of their right to wear what they want. See the Guardian.

The Indonesian government subjects female applicants for Indonesia’s National Police to “virginity tests.” See Human Rights Watch.

This Barbie doll alternative will revolutionize how girls think about their bodies. See Mic.

The Rolling Stone highlights a woman’s struggle for justice at the University of Virginia after she was brutally assaulted by seven men at a frat party.

The Church of England’s legislation enables women to become bishops. See the Telegraph.

Why do white men always receive the label of the “Sexiest Man Alive?” What does that say about our sexy men of color? See the Salon.

The Salon explains why Bill Cosby’s rape allegations are finally sticking.

A high school powder-puff football team takes an offensive photo in blackface but, of course, they mean no harm. See The Root.

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