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You might know Lizz Winstead as the co-founder and former head writer of The Daily Show (yes, that Daily Show), but she’s also a fierce, devoted reproductive justice advocate. She currently spearheads Lady Parts Justice (LPJ), which uses humor and digital media to expose anti-choice zealots in the most creative of ways. Lizz is hilarious, a brilliant political satirist and one of our all-time favorite feminists. If you don’t already, be sure to follow her on Twitter (@lizzwinstead), and check out LPJ! 

Q: Your Hinder app is downright genius and (I can only assume) loved across the board by reproductive rights activists & allies. Since it launched and has garnered press coverage, have you received any flack from the anti-choice politicians featured on it?

No! Weirdly, they all look at it as, “Yep, that’s what I stand for and I’m proud of it.” Remember, we didn’t list gaffes or anything like that. We list actual quotes, philosophies or legislation they are proud of. The hope is, when sane people see how easy it was to compile a list of radical extreme ideas from people who are leaders and not fringe elements, it may be a giving a shit tipping point.

Q: How do you think a comedic approach to reproductive justice—like LPJ takes—fares in comparison to more “traditional” approaches in terms of converting hashtag activists to more involved activists?

I think humor is just one more tool in the arsenal and if we can inspire someone with humor and outrage because that is the way they respond best to getting information, then we are helping by adding to the repro rights information buffet.

Q: Ben Carson recently likened abortion to slavery. If given the chance, how would you respond to him and others who grossly mischaracterize abortion?

Slavery is slavery. Stop it. Since these people have been fighting against safe and legal abortion, they have used inflammatory tactics and manipulation in lieu of facts and science. I think the stories of people who have had abortions need to start drowning out the made up scare tactics. When we know 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, you can’t lie and exaggerate much longer because too many of us are starting to say, “I’ve had an abortion, it is nothing like you claim.”

Q: If you had to choose, which 2016 presidential candidate poses the *most* dangerous threat to reproductive rights?

Any one with the (R) next to their name…

Q: Who is your top feminist role model?

Any one of my brilliant sisters who have been outspoken and supportive, and inspirational women who never back down.

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  1. I think I just found my new hero.

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    She is an amazing advocate for women…and funny too.


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