Our Top 10 Posts of 2015

Another year has passed; another year filled with outrages, feminist wins and, most importantly for our purposes, more blog content! From abortion to radical consent to IUDs, we had a lot to say. Below are the top 10 most read posts of 2015. Enjoy!

10. 5 Ways to (Actually) Combat Human Trafficking

human traffickingHere, Lindsay dismantled the dominant narrative surrounding trafficking, offering practical tips to combat human trafficking — and not just the kinds portrayed in movies.

9. Black and Feminist

Our intern Jamina explored her feminist awakening as a woman of color, and in doing so, rejects the notion that feminism is only for White women.

8. I’m a Huge Feminist. So What?

Guest blogger Dylan Manderlink recalled the time her boyfriend warned his parents that she was a feminist, and her internal struggle to embrace her feminist identity: “I…realized that I was letting a word — and the common misconceptions people have of it — define me instead of defining the word for myself and using it to empower me.”

7. Is This The Message We Should Be Sending to School Boys?

Our resident columnist from across the pond, Kate, lambasted a local headmaster’s recommendation that schoolboys tell schoolgirls what they find attractive about them. Kate argued that the idea — to calm down “neurotic” girls with body image issues — only enforces a myth of universal heterosexuality and prioritizes male desire, reducing half the male population to a single hive mind.

6. Why I Live Tweeted My IUD Insertion


Early this year, abortion funder and repro justice warrior Alison Turkos live-tweeted her IUD insertion, sparking a much-needed popular discussion on IUDs. In this guest post, she explained her rationale for doing so.

5. Why Radical Consent Makes Me A Better Man

Guest blogger Jesse Lehrer breaks down radical consent and explains why he embraces it: “The equation is simple. Consent:sexual violence :: radical consent:rape culture. Radical consent addresses the larger culture that allows, encourages, and rewards the subjugation of women.”

4. 5 Things The March for Life Doesn’t Want You To Know

DSC00229On Roe v. Wade‘s anniversary, Ashley exposed five dangerous agendas the  March for Life and its cohorts tried to keep on the down low. For starters? It’s not only about abortion, it’s about birth control, too.

3. The Most Important Lesson About Body Hair You’ll Ever Learn

Mia explained why embracing body hair is a completely personal choice. “Pubic, armpit, facial or leg hair is not gross. It is natural and reflective of the full spectrum of femininity (because having body hair does not make you any less of a woman).” BOOM.

2. Top 20 Feminist Blogs: All Boats Rise

Lindsay sure knows how to spread the feminist love. Here, she lists the top 20 feminist blogs. Because we shouldn’t compete with one another, but rather look to one another for support, inspiration and insight.

1. You Should Be Outraged at Amy Schumer’s Video, Not Laughing At It

schumerNever one to shy away from controversy, Kate took on feminist favorite Amy Schumer in our most viewed post of the year. Her critique of the comedian’s “Milk Milk Lemonade” video didn’t mince words: “You are not a feminist if your feminism is not intersectional. So please, white women (*cough* Amy Schumer *cough*), stop and think, god damn it.” (Fun fact: Amy didn’t appreciate the post and blocked sherights — and all of our writers! — on Twitter as a result).

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