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extra-extra-paperGovernor Cuomo signs two critical bills for pregnant New Yorkers. See RH Reality Check.

The Atlantic reports on the the invisible labor women perform around the world.

Following Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe mix-up, The Guardian calls attention to the real problem with beauty pageants.

The New York Times highlights the shameful reproductive rollbacks of 2015.

Why has the abortion debate become more polarizing in recent years? See  Salon.

Former police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who patrolled one of Oklahoma’s poorest neighborhoods and assaulted black women, was finally convicted on accounts of rape and sexual battery. See the Huffington Post.

On the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, the Huffington Post describes why sex work should be decriminalized.

The Feminist Wire  describes how the mockery of Drake’s dance moves is tied to harmful perceptions of black masculinity.

New research from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs shows that  while women earn less than men, their products cost more. See Ms. Magazine.

Human rights experts from the United Nations conclude that the United States is failing women. See the The Daily Beast.

Women of all ages share sexist comments they’ve received in their lifetimes in this powerful video from the Huffington Post.

Saudi Arabia finally elects women to government positions. See Mic.

Amidst threats and violence, an abortion provider speaks out. See the Texas Observer.

TIME writes on why its been 29 years since a woman has been named the magazine’s Person of the Year.

Research shows a large percentage of women in STEM fields consider leaving their job due to workplace discrimination. See The Guardian.

The Huffington Post reflects on the year, recounting the ways sexism is very much alive in 2015.

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