Sherights is going on a hiatus

Dear sherights community,

It’s with heavy—yet hopeful—hearts that we write this. The editorial team at sherights has decided to take a hiatus for the first half of 2017 in order to focus our efforts on anti-Trump, pro-equality activism. From participating in the Women’s March to raising money for abortion access funds to promoting the health and rights of girls and women globally, we are determined to turn lemons (or should we say oranges) into lemonade.

It’s time to slay offline.

Although we won’t be writing during this period, we will be reading. So if you have an article or story idea you’d like to contribute to sherights, please email us at

Here’s to a challenging year ahead…we love a good challenge, and are hopeful for the future knowing there is a community like you out there fighting for rights and justice alongside us.


With love & solidarity,

Maureen & Lindsay

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  1. Very nice blog thank you dear for such sensitive topic

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