National Organization for Women

Spotlight On: Erin Matson!

Erin Matson is the Action Vice President for the National Organization for Women, where she oversees the grassroots organizing efforts and national action campaigns for the organization, while also spearheading the use of new technologies within the feminist activist arena…. Read More ›

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Wal-Mart v. Women

One of the ways I try to be a good feminist is to put my money where my ever-blabbing mouth is. This means no shopping at Wal-Mart, amongst other places. Yes, I love a good deal as much as the… Read More ›

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Does Feminist = Radical?

As it just so happens, I come from fairly conservative stock. I am a lonely liberal sheep among my family, and I am perfectly content that way. I am used to hearing anti-Obama, anti-health care reform and anti-choice rhetoric. But… Read More ›

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