Does Feminist = Radical?

As it just so happens, I come from fairly conservative stock. I am a lonely liberal sheep among my family, and I am perfectly content that way. I am used to hearing anti-Obama, anti-health care reform and anti-choice rhetoric. But what I still, to this day, can not get used to is the claim that my views make me a “radical.”

This one always stumps me, without fail. What is it about wanting fair pay, equal opportunities and control over my body that is so radical? Why is being outspoken and using my brain to question the status quo considered cringe-worthy? If I had a penis, I’d be rational, not radical.

Since I really can’t come up with a logical explanation for this, I just continue on my merry feminist way, agreeing to disagree. And while it gets frustrating and isn’t always easy to constantly defend my points of view, I’m happy to do so. It helps that I have an amazing, supportive network of like-minded progressives at hand. (And parents who, while they may disagree with my views, still support me).

But what about those who don’t?

If you fall into the category of I’m-a-feminist-but-am-drowning-in-a-sea-of-conservatives, remember to have faith in your beliefs! Even if you stand alone with your views, embrace them, love them. And if you are seeking your own network of like-minded folk, reach out to and become involved with your local chapter of a women’s organization. Here are a few to checkout:

National Organization for Women

Feminist Majority Foundation

Younger Women’s Task Force

Equality Now

Center for Reproductive Rights

Choice USA


Feminist Campus

The National Council on Women’s Organizations also has an extensive list of their members, which may also prove helpful.

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