Vermont Turns Up the Prochoice Pressure

Vermont is setting an example for pro-choice advocates across the country. Politicians in the green mountain state have introduced a bill to protect a woman’s right to abortion. As the state’s statuses currently stand, performing abortion or advertising about abortion services… Read More ›

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The Forgotten Ones

As a reproductive rights activist, I never thought that feminism would fail me. I was wrong. I was seven weeks pregnant when I was faced with the toughest decision of my life: Abide by my partner’s rules — have an… Read More ›

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Links We Love

Republicans went to great lengths to block the confirmation of a feminist, pro-choice Federal judicial nominee. See Mother Jones. NARAL exposes Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) in a kickass new Tumblr. Aloha! Hawaii will become the 16th state to pass marriage… Read More ›

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