Tony Simmons

It’s Time NYC Takes Rape Seriously

Growing up, we are taught that if you do something bad, you will be caught and appropriately punished. And throughout most facets of life, this usually holds true. Unless you’re a rapist in New York City. The past year has… Read More ›

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Justice Served?

In my very first post, Taking Rape Seriously, I reported on the NYC case of Tony Simmons, who was found guilty of sexually assaulting youths under his care as a city employee. Today, he was sentenced. Simmons received 4 years… Read More ›

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Taking rape seriously

Rape is a horrific crime, one that globally affects women regardless of age, ethnicity, class, religion and race. Sadly, it is a crime that is not always taken seriously or given the same weight as other criminal acts. Recently, in… Read More ›

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