Sickening: “Managed Anorexia”

Thank you Jezebel for bringing this disturbing news to light.

Apparently, some gentleman (*sarcasm*) by the name of Kenneth Tong is promoting what he calls the “managed anorexia” lifestyle on Twitter. Sample tweets of his include:

  • The beginning is always today. Managed anorexia is a lifestyle, not a diet.
  • Kenneth Tong: making self-concious girls even more demanding and critical, reminding them it’s not okay to be fat and to be a plus size.
  • Promoting the future, managed anorexia is a lifestyle, skinniness is a dream I want all Girls to live. Size zero is perfection.
  • Hope my size zero & managed anorexia message gets global; thin people too busy being successful whilst the fat hate and just ate.
  • Beyonce & Kardashian are both acquired tastes. Curvy, yes, but for a Heffalump like you to comfort yourself by relating to them is criminal.
  • My Tweets must make fat people suicidal, truthfully, I should be your thinspiration, but we all know plus sizes can’t think straight.
  • All you non size zero girls need to keep a food diary, noting everything you eat & drink – review it daily and see how imperfect you are.

Um, WHAT. Size zero is perfection!? Heffalump?! Thinspiration?! Two words: fuck off.

I’d love to dismiss this jerkoff as quickly as I do dog shit on the sidewalk, but this dude’s got almost 20,500+ Twitter followers. Which means tens of thousands of women may be buying into this nonsense.

So, if you’re on Twitter, drop @MrKennethTong a line and let him know what an ass he is.

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  1. Oh, come the fuck on.
    First the House votes to defund PP, now this business. Is hating women getting trendy?


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