Title X Update: House Sucks, Senate Has Hope

Today WAS going swell. It’s a beautiful day outside and I got fixings to make chocolate chip cookies. Then I heard: the House passed the Pence bill, officially de-funding Title X.

I realize that it’s very easy to be an arm-chair activist, to let others speak for you. But I — along with millions of other women — beg you to take two minutes to be an activist today.

I recently wrote about Title X and how it helps poor and uninsured women. You can get the skinny here. But the following bears repeating:


The House is a lost cause, but you can take a hot minute to either email or call your Senators and urge them to block this legislation once it reaches the Senate floor.

Your Senators NEED to hear from you! PLEASE. As someone who relied on Planned Parenthood for healthcare when I moved to NYC and had no money and no insurance, I can testify to the necessity of Title X.

Please believe,  it takes less time to reach out to your Senators than it did to read this post. Look up & contact them here.


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