Keep It Real

You’d have to live under a rock to not know that magazines and Photoshop go hand-in-hand. Advertisers constantly alter models’ bodies in some twisted attempt to create the “perfect” woman, or what they believe the “perfect” woman looks like. This can contribute to unrealistic body image standards and self-esteem issues among girls and women. Don’t believe me? Let the statistics speak for themselves:

TEN YEAR OLD GIRLS are dieting. I repeat: TEN YEAR OLDS.  Shouldn’t they be more preoccupied with mastering long division and running around the soccer field?! Perhaps they would be if they weren’t forcibly consuming unhealthy and unrealistic images of women’s bodies at every turn — in TV, movies and magazines, on billboards, and the Internet. Impressionable girls — and women, for that matter — are seeing images like this when they flip through magazines:

Um, sick.

The media industry needs a wake-up call, stat.  Thankfully,,,,, and have created a 3 day “Keep It Real” Challenge, calling upon magazines to pledge to use at least one un-Photoshopped image of a model per issue — a completely reasonable request. After all, girls should be focusing on having fun with their friends over summer break, not obsessing over squeezing into size-0 bathing suits they see on emaciated models!

What can you do as part of the Challenge? For starters, let your fingers do some wandering: Tweet at and Facebook magazines and editors, challenging them to change their ways. For a list of top magazine editors to target on Twitter, go here.  You can also blog about the issue and tell the world why Photoshop must go! Finally, take the #KeepItRealChallenge to Instagram with pictures of what real beauty means to you.

And be sure to download the Keep It Real Toolkit — in it, you’ll find more details about the challenge, plus images and statistics you can use.


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  1. Being a graphic designer, I know the horrors in body manipulation Photoshop can produce, though reading this I never knew how much of an effect it had on younger people.

    It’s ridiculous that these companies are distorting what beauty is, but thankfully according to this – – Israel is going to enact a Photoshop law that forces ad agencies to be transparent about Photoshop manipulations.

    Hopefully, the world follows suite.

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