Links We Love

The Atlantic provides insight on how paternity leave has the potential to benefit fathers, children, and mothers.

Ms.Magazine Blog lists 2013’s feminists heroes.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, discover the myth of a gender-specific tone of voice. See The New York Times.

Keira Knightley identifies as a feminist and discusses gender inequalities in the film industry. See HuffPost Women.

Eight Chinese young women have exposed Chinese businesses that are illegally favoring men for certain positions. See The New York Times.

The Guardian illuminates the fourth wave of feminism that we may be experiencing.

The New York Times reveals the realities and inconsistencies of the penal system for prostitutes in China.

Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times reinforces the commitment to achieving education and freedom by describing the treatment that Marilaine encounters as a Haitian restavek.

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor has granted a temporary stay to a handful of Roman Catholic non-profit organizations seeking an exemption from the ACA’s contraception policy. See MSNBC.

So-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are thriving in Texas as clinics face closure across the state. See Al Jazeera America.

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