Links We Love

The Guardian provides flowcharts to encourage individuals to determine whether or not they are feminists.

Jenna Lyons proves that it is possible to be powerful, likable, and female simultaneously. See the New York Magazine.

Meryl Streep applauds Emma Thompson’s performance in Saving Mr. Banks and shares her feminist critique of Hollywood. See the New Yorker.

Pennsylvania and New Hampshire have introduced equal pay bills to improve women’s health, safety, and financial security. See RH Reality

According to the New York Times, women are increasingly becoming pastors and prominent leaders in their respective churches.

The U.S. plans to recognize the 1,300 marriages that Utah has disputed. See the New York Times.

Bobbi Bockoras experienced lactation discrimination at her job and underscores the need for nursing mothers to be accepted and accommodated in the workplace. See NBC News.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejects the review of Arizona’s 20-week abortion ban. See CNN Politics and a New York Times op-ed.

Pope Francis demonstrates his support for breastfeeding in church and does not want mothers to feel uncomfortable nursing their babies during his ceremonies. See Yahoo News.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shares his feminist identity on Ellen TV.

An op-ed from the New York Times argues that the Supreme Court should uphold buffer zones to encourage women to make choices without the interference of intimidation and harassment from anti-abortion protesters.

Syrian women refugees in Jordan open up about the difficulties of caring for children with trauma. See Women’s eNews.

Fox News “expert” Keith Ablow claims that transgender people don’t exist, so they don’t need protections. See Think Progress.

9 out of 10 sex abuse victims in prison are men abused by female staffers. See Alternet.

A Danish tourist was gang raped in Dehli, India. See Times of India.

MSNBC outlines the best and worst states for reproductive rights.

A journalist in Pakistan reporting on rape receives death threats. See Freedom Network.

NARAL has a fantastic infographic on The State of Choice in the States.

The National Women’s Law Center reviews fairness for pregnant workers in 2013.

Breastfeeding mothers face insurmountable obstacles to pumping breast milk when they return to work. See NBC News.

The Nation explores why the rise of women in labor could save the Movement.

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