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According to The Guardian, 2014 proves to be a key year for women’s rights and gender equality.

Women Under Siege Project explains how rape is used as a weapon of war in Bosnia.

West Virginia considers passing workplace protections for pregnant workers. See Think Progress.

A new legislation in Uganda will ban miniskirts as well as any material that shows parts of the body intended to “cause excitement.” See BBC News.

NPR analyzes the disparity of women in science and technology and how their numbers do not seem to be improving.

Lauren Conrad nails a feminist response to an interview question. See Upworthy.

Buzzfeed released a video to show men what it feels like to be subjected to sexism and to sexual violence.

The New York Times dissects the basis of strong relationships.

Whole Foods and AOL punish mothers for caring for their kids. See Slate.

Even at their graduation, Afghan girls are overshadowed by their male counterparts. See Aljazeera America.

TIME illustrates how the Republican Party hopes to transform abortion into an “animating” issue in 2014. and Getty have teamed up to enhance the portrayal of women in stock photos. See the Atlantic and the New York Times.

The 8 scientific reasons on why female bosses are beneficial. See Buzzfeed.

RH Reality Check hones in on the adopted narrative embedded in the Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen story.

Woody Allen shares his side of the story. See the New York Times.

NH highlights the strong support in the Statehouse to terminate parental rights of accused rapists.

A Dartmouth student encouraged the rape of a classmate and is being disciplined by the school. See Jezebel.

The Department of Justice plans to recognize more rights for same-sex couples. See Huffington Post.

The New York Times demonstrates the realities of the law in Nigeria that criminalizes homosexuality.

For International Condom Day, Buzzfeed lists 10 reasons to support the usage of female condoms.

Bystander intervention can be used as a technique to stop sexual assault. See the New York TImes.

The New Yorker tries to determine the reasons for the define in abortion rates in the United States.

In a clip from the TV series Scandal, Lisa Kudrow describes the sexism of politics. See YouTube.

University of Chicago’s sexual assault policy is under investigation. See Jezebel.

A Wall Street Journal writer suggests that rape victims are just as guilty as rapists if they are both drunk. See Think Progress and the Huffington Post.

At a Women’s Coding Event, Goldman Sachs distributed cosmetic mirrors and nail files. See the New York Times.

Women Under Siege portrays how the movement in India to secure women 33% of seats in elected bodies does not embody equality.

Virginians prove their commitment to support women’s health as they write to Virginian legislators. See RH Reality.

Journalists struggle to find the courages to fight sexual violence. See CPJ.

Buddy Cole coaches the US Speed Skating team on how not to appear gay in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. See Huffington Post.

Wendy David says that she would have supported a bill that included only a 20-week abortion ban. See Politico.

Huffington Post Women underscores the importance of instilling a sense of agency within the Disney Princesses.

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