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Facebook announced its expanded gender options for trans and gender-nonconforming users. See Advocate.

According to The Big Story, Palestinian women are making strides in the high-tech realm.

A Dallas sportscaster responds admirably to Michael Sam coming out as gay. See Twenty-Two Words.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Feminist Wire writes about how love should serve as a shared commitment to justice.

Nili Ben Gigi Wolf, a religious feminist, shares her experiences of serving as the only woman on Jerusalem’s religious council. See Haaretz.

A group of the women’s liberation movement on Merseyside is writing new feminist fairy tales. See the Guardian.

In Nigeria, an anti-gay mob attacks homosexuals. See Huffington Post.

Hillary Clinton advises women to develop thick skin. See Politico.

Ellen Page underscores the need to love and care about ourselves in her coming out speech. See Slate.

Only A Game analyzes the use of the words ‘women’ vs. ‘ladies’ in the Olympic sports.

The Kansas House of Representatives approved a measure in favor of anti-gay segregation. See Slate.

The Nation cites that the gender wage gap among CEOs is 69%.

As Barbie sales drop, parents acknowledge the negative self-image that Barbie creates for girls. See the Huffington Post.

The Washington Post addresses the importance clarifying the ‘Helms’ law to allow abortions for wars’ rape victims.

At a MAKERS conference, Gloria Steinem and Jennifer Aniston discuss how women’s value and worth often rests on their marital status and whether they have procreated. See the Huffington Post.

Mitt Romney continues to believe that a two-parent, opposite-gender household is the best environment to raise kids. See Politico.

Buzzfeed followed four women’s reactions to being photoshopped into cover models.

Two members of Pussy Riot were arrested and detained in Sochi. See Huffington Post.

South Dakota may be trying to ban legal abortions at any point after the first trimester. See Politico.

Texas has suspended the medical license of an abortion doctor who refused to abide by the state’s harsh new regulations. See Think Progress.

Jezebel describes the proposal of a law in Tennessee that would make all details of rape secret until a potential trial.

Tennessee lawmakers disapprove of ‘Sex Week’ at UT-Knoxville. See Huffington Post.

Uganda’s president plans to sign a law that will jail homosexuals for life. See Business Insider.

According to The Guardian, Somayya Jabarti is the first appointed female editor-in-chief in Saudi Arabia.

RH Reality portrays the different types of relationship abuse.

Chelsea Clinton believes that LGBT rights are the unfinished business of the 21st century. See Politico.

A study reveals that there is a salary discrepancy in how much female entrepreneurs pay themselves and how much male entrepreneurs pay themselves. See the New York Times.

The New Hampshire Senate voted to protect patient safety at reproductive health centers. See NARAL NH.

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