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The Senate unanimously passed a bill proposed by Senator McCaskill that will change the procedures for prosecuting military sexual assault. See Ms. Magazine.

According to glaad, AIDS is no longer one of the top ten causes of death in NYC.

Mississippi will ban abortions at 20-weeks, even though its last remaining clinic only performs abortions at 16-weeks. See Salon.

Susan Cahill, the owner of an abortion clinic in Montana, perceives the vandalism in her clinic as a hate crime. See Flathead News Group.

An abortion insurance law takes effect in Michigan for residents and businesses. See CBS Detroit.

Rachel Maddow rips apart Michigan’s new law that will require women to buy abortion insurance. See PolicyMic.

UNOPS describes how infrastructure can empower women in developing countries.

The New Hampshire State Senate passed a bill to strengthen the state’s equal pay law. See NWLC.

A study reveals that even when managers (of both sexes) receive data about applicants’ ability to perform mathematical tasks, the managers are one and a half times more likely to hire the male applicant. See the New York Times.

A Pakistan rape victim died after setting herself on fire during a protest against a police report. See Reuters.

PolicyMic lists 10 surprising countries that reflect the approximate demographic of women in the world.

A New Jersey judge ruled that women can keep fathers out of the delivery room. See NPR.

A British study shows that obesity is linked to lower grades in girls. See NPR.

The Society Pages explains that girls who play with career Barbies have a limited perception of their futures.

Buzzfeed portrays when happens when you replace women in advertisements with men.

NPR analyzes whether the Middle East or Latin America is more sexist.

The Let Books Be Books campaign seeks to stop books from being labeled as gendered. See the Guardian.

Katy Perry still struggles to understand the significance of feminism. See the Huffington Post.

Anna María Chávez is the first Latina CEO of Girl Scouts USA. See MAKERS.

A group of Syrian girls in a refugee camp promise to serve God and their country, help others, and live by the Girl Scout laws. See NPR.

Belgium punishes sexual harassment with imprisonment under a new law. See International Business Times.

A Minnesota state representative said that wanting equal pay and paid sick days makes women look like “whiners.” See Feministing.

For the first time, Egypt is charging a doctor for female genital mutilation after a 13-year old girl died. See the Guardian.

Buzzfeed shares female journalists’ experiences of everyday sexism.

Buzzfeed lists 22 strong, admired female characters in literature.

The Federal Court struck down an Arkansas law that would have banned abortions at 12-weeks of pregnancy. See Feminist.

The Rape Abuse & Incest National Network, RAINN, attacks and dissects the phrase ‘rape culture.’ See Slate.

RH Reality Check illustrates how men are celebrating Women’s History Month.

Cracked explains the 5 realities of being transgender that the media ignores.

President Obama plans to talk to female college students in Florida about how to expand their economic potential. See the New York Times.

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