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An op-ed columnist for the New York Times explains how fighting sexism and misogyny is not just women’s work.

The new hashtag #AllMenCan shows us what real male feminists look like. See the Huffington Post.

PolicyMic demonstrates how Maya Angelou’s past can teach feminists of the future.

The Good Men Project argues that patriarchy is the source of Elliot Rodger’s problems.

A poll found that more Americans support same-sex adoption than same-sex marriage. See the Huffington Post.

The Supreme Court refuses to block same-sex marriage in Oregon. See NBC 52.

The New York Times provides a list of events to celebrate gay pride throughout the US.

Hollywood screenwriter Abdi Nazemian believes that the depiction of gay men in films is horrible. See the Huffington Post.

A survey shows that Indian women are choosing tougher, growth-oriented jobs. See the Times of India.

The Huffington Post reveals the common adjectives used to discuss powerful women.

Tennis player Ernests Gulbis hopes that his two younger sisters will not pursue professional tennis because women need ‘to think about kids.’ See the Huffington Post.

Women in sales must work 103 extra days to earn as much as men. See the Huffington Post.

South Korea is in the process of creating designated parking spaces for women. See the Huffington Post.

BBC analyzes the issue of honour killings.

According to the BBC, Niger has one of the highest rates of child marriages in the world and is struggling to stop such practices.

The African Union launched its first campaign to end child marriage. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

Protests for the kidnapped girls have been banned in Nigeria’s capital. See CNN.

The India police fired water cannons at gang-rape protestors. See BBC.

PolicyMic describes how the media still ignores the realities of violence against women in India.

After a man attempted to grope a woman, she fought back with a scary demon voice and made him crap his pants. See Jezebel.

AnnaLynne McCord opens up about her sexual assault experience. See Cosmopolitan.

Two-thirds of American women have experienced some form of street harassment. See the Guardian.

Soraya Chemaly questions when street harassment will be taken seriously. See Role Reboot.

Buzzfeed lists 11 absurd products that women have been told to purchase to prevent rape.

A brave woman published photos of herself to show the brutal beating she took from her ex-partner. See PolicyMic.

Indiana’s governor refuses to follow rules designed to prevent prison rape. See Think Progress.

The Supreme Court will decide on seven big cases of this month that could change America. See Think Progress.

The Washington Post has compiled a cheat sheet of the women to look for as the primary results roll in.

Adam Haber, a Democrat running against Senator Jack Martins, called on the Republican lawmaker to vote in favor of Women’s Equality Act. See Newsday.

A writer for the Dispatch insists that being pro-choice does not imply being pro-abortion.

The Ohio legislature is currently considering a ban on insurance coverage for abortion in state residents’ public and private health plans. See Think Progress.

The US Court of Appeals has blocked Arizona’s medication abortion rules. See Business Week and RH Reality Check.

Anti-choice groups are outraged over an abortion provider’s friendly Facebook page. See the Salon.

A school district in Oregon will distribute condoms to middle school and high school students next year. See RH Reality Check.

Twitter is being pressured to stop censuring ads pertaining to condoms. See Think Progress.

Medicare can now cover surgical procedures for transgender individuals. See RH Reality Check.

Trans women are still fighting the media to recognize their existence. See the Guardian.

According to the Washington Post, people do not take hurricanes as seriously if they have feminine names.

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