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Russian President Vladimir Putin justified why he avoided a debate with Hillary Clinton by commenting, “It’s better not to argue with women.” See TIME and the Huffington Post.

Hello Giggles asked children what feminism means to them and determined that the awareness of feminism as a concept seems to come around age 11.

Shailene Woodley still believes that the word feminism discriminates. See the Salon.

The Huffington Post underscores why it is important to ask celebrities about their feminist identities.

Zerlina Maxwell challenges the logic of the #YesAllWomen critics. See the Washington Post.

New York now allows trans individuals to change the gender on their birth certificates without having to undergo surgery. See Advocate.

The Stop Street Harassment Organization concluded that 65% of the women studied in its report had experienced some form of street harassment. See the Huffington Post.

The Washington Post’s columnist, George Will, criticized college campuses because their efforts to combat sexual assault condone victimhood. See Media Matters for America.

The Montana Supreme Court announced that it will publicly censure a judge who blamed a teen victim for her rape. See RH Reality Check.

A college student’s slam poem reinforces that a woman’s clothing is unrelated to her sexual availability. See the Huffington Post and Jezebel.

India state minister claimed that in some circumstances rape is okay. See the Guardian.

The New York Times analyzes the role of the caste system in India’s rape crisis.

NPR explains how a lack of toilets in India puts women at risk of assault.

Community groups in India are leading a movement to empower women. See BBC News.

A UN representative fears that the kidnapped Nigerian girls will be raped. See abc news.

Even as the Egyptian government seeks to criminalize sexual assault, a woman was sexually assaulted during the inauguration celebration of Egypt’s new president. See Jezebel and the New York Times.

The international community is beginning to hold governments accountable for acts of violence against women. See the Huffington Post.

Kirstie Allsopp advises young women to abandon their university plans and have a baby by age 27. See the Guardian.

Ohio considers a bill that would prohibit health insurance plans from covering abortion as well as some forms of birth control. See the Huffington Post.

Rolling Stone lists 5 places in America where contraception is still controversial.

PolicyMic applauds Obvious Child for debunking the 8 biggest lies about abortion.

In These Times compares abortion to an underground railroad.

As the actual abortion rate declines, the political fight over reproductive rights persists. See Think Progress.

New Hampshire has approved a buffer zone around abortion clinics to prevent women from encountering anti-choice harassment. See Think Progress.

Louisiana legislature has passed a bill that would keep pregnant women on life support against their wishes. See the Feminist Majority Foundation.

New York lawmakers are urging the state legislature to pass a bill that would create employment protections for pregnant women. See RH Reality check.

New research shows that more men are choosing to be stay-at-home dads. See Jezebel.

Think Progress adds that even when more dads stay at home, moms are still responsibly for the majority of the childrearing.

Even though female CEOs experience financial success, the New York Times describes how few women are actually represented in these positions.

Think Progress proves that the highest-paid female CEOs still earn millions less than their male counterparts.

Buzzfeed exposes 45 sexist stock photos of women.

Destination Maternity released an offensive T-Shirt for pregnant women and subsequently discontinued it. See the Huffington Post.

A tattoo parlor in Maryland gives women with breast cancer a realistic nipple replacement. See the New York Times.

After writing both Beauty and the Beast and Maleficient, Linda Woolverton explains her goal to portray strong female protagonists. See TIME.

On the other hand, the Huffington Post examines the metaphorical rape scene in Maleficent.

The Huffington Post questions which states will move forward with marriage equality this summer.

PolicyMic declares the most LGBT-friendly cities in the US.

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, Catalyst Blog writes about 5 ways to be a more queer-friendly coworker.

In London, a mother was called a slut for breastfeeding in a coffee shop. See the London Evening Standard.

Female politicians inspire other women to run for office. See the Sacramento Bee.

Tennis player, Andy Murray, hired a female coach and has received a lot of disapproval. See Buzzfeed.

PolicyMic outlines 7 lies that we have to stop reproducing about Latina women in America.

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