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New York lawmakers successfully called on the state legislature to pass a bill that will protect pregnant women from employment discrimination. See RH Reality Check.

Facebook has modified its nudity policy and will now allow photos of nursing mothers. See Mic.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mila Kunis urges men to stop saying “We’re Pregnant.” See Refinery29.

As colleges experience growing pressure to combat sexual assault on campus, their focus has turned to fraternities. See the New York Times.

A writer for the Huffington Post determines why so few prosecutors bring charges in college rape cases.

NPR underscores the importance for students to talk about consent at a young age.

Miss Nevada believes that women should learn sexual defense to combat sexual assault on college campuses. See Young Cons.

Jezebel demonstrates how some colleges seek to silence and fire faculty who voice their thoughts about rape.

Ms. Magazine proves that men often sue in campus sexual assault cases.

College rape victims at Bob Jones University were instructed to repent for their sins. See Think Progress.

James Madison University has identified the three Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers responsible for sexually assaulting Miss Butters and decided to expel them only  after their graduation. See the Daily Mail.

Everyday Feminism lists 25 examples of rape culture.

A Pennsylvania bill will make sexual assault by sports officials a crime. See RH Reality Check.

An attorney allegedly raped a woman after she refused sex with a judge. See the Huffington Post.

Angelina Jolie admits that the Maleficent scene is a metaphor for rape. See the Huffington Post.

Angelina Jolie gave a powerful speech at the world’s first Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. See Mic.

A creationist questions the role of evolution in rape. See the Independent.

Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs released a sexual consent anthem. See the Huffington Post.

Even though female genital mutilation is illegal in the US, activists estimate that hundreds of thousands of girls risk being cut each year. See the Daily Beast.

The New York Times describes how U.S. girls face female genital mutilation abroad.

Jezebel explores how the economy of Tenancingo, Mexico overwhelmingly centers on sex trafficking.

The Salon exposes 5 conservatives who are still mad that women have the right to vote.

Seven high school boys explain why they’re feminists in a video posted to Little Red School House. See TIME.

Xojane demonstrates 35 practical steps men can take to support feminism.

A recent study tries to determine why girls call each other sluts. See Global News.

A writer for RH Reality Check explains why the ‘End Demand’ campaign regarding sex work is flawed.

Texas Governor Rick Perry compared alcoholism to homosexuality. See the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post shows 5 reasons why churches need to come out on LGBT rights.

Because the Iranian government does not want men and women to mingle in public, café and restaurant owners will not be allowed to screen the World Cup games. See Mic.

Buzzfeed outlines 10 sexist things that are guaranteed to happen during the World Cup.

Everyday Sexism created a World Cup sexism bingo board.

The US House of Appropriations Committee passed an amendment that bans the use of Immigration and Customs Enforcement funds to pay for abortion care for detained women except in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment. See RH Reality Check.

An op-ed in the New York Times argues that abortions should be covered by insurance.

To combat Alaska’s high rate of fetal alcohol syndrome, the state will put free pregnancy tests in bars and restaurants. See TIME.

A federal appeals court denied Catholic groups exemption from contraception coverage requirements. See RH Reality Check.

SCOTUS decisions are approaching and they may will have major effects on reproductive health. See the Daily Beast.

Think Progress discusses the polarizing effect of ‘pro-choice’ and ‘pro-life’ labels.

The Feminist Phone Intervention recommends women give men a certain number if they do not wish to be reached so that men will receive automated messages of bell hooks’ quotes. See Mic.

According to AAUW, it takes nearly over 6 months for working moms’ wages to catch up with those of working dads’ from the previous year.

The Atlantic illustrates the 5 best and worst states for working mothers.

For Father’s Day, Buzzfeed created a list of 19 things dads do that are not portrayed in popular culture.

A father designed a T-Shirt with the rules for dating his daughter. See the Huffington Post.

BBC examines sexism and its continued existence in the game industry.

The Huffington Post showed some of the ridiculous things that people say to TV’s funniest women.

According to Mic, the historic feminist cartoon, Powerpuff Girls, is making a comeback.

At the Women in Film Los Angeles Gala, Kerry Washington and Cate Blanchett explained why women need to take risks. See the Huffington Post.

NPR analyzes the gender bias and transgender issues embedded in schools’ dress codes.

xojane compiles a list as evidence of 10 sexist dress codes.

A DMV in South Carolina forced a gender non-conforming teen to remove make-up. See Jezebel.

The Huffington Post provides images of the last women foot binders of China.

Nicholas Kristof referred to the study of female-named hurricanes to better understand the unconscious gender bias that occurs, affecting even those who favor equal rights. See the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, judges with daughters more often rule in favor of women’s rights.

Pantene and AAUW have teamed up to help college women #ShineStrong and stop apologizing.

In the ‘Hello Flo’ commercial, a period-obsessed tween opens new doors for positive menstrual marketing. See Jezebel and Teen Vogue.

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